About the enterprise

State Scientific and Production Enterprise «Kartographia» was established by Directive of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR No 4788 dated 3 March 1944 as Kyiv State Cartographic Factory of the Chief Directorate for Geodesy and Cartography (CDGC) of the USSR (after 1962: Factory No 1 of CDGC USSR).

The factory’s main purpose was printing of cartographic products.

On 26 December 1975 the Factory No 1 was reorganized into Scientific & Editorial Mapping Enterprise (REME) of CDGC USSR, and since that time the enterprise has been specializing exclusively in cartographic production.

With the inception of the Chief Directorate for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 1 November 1991, Kyiv Scientific & Editorial Mapping Enterprise (KSEME) becomes a subdivision of the State Cartographic and Geodesic Service of Ukraine. On 1 April 1993, KSEME was reorganized into Scientific & Development and Experimental Production Cartographic Enterprise (Cartography SPE).

On 1 January 2001 the enterprise received its present name: State Scientific and Production Enterprise «Kartographia»

Our mission:

  • supply of cartographic materials in paper and electronic form to the Ukrainian economy, science, education, culture, defense, and the broad public;
  • research & development and methodological research for the purpose of development of cartographic science, government forecasts concerning development of cartography, creation of databanks and databases;
  • improvement of quality and competitiveness of cartographic products, etc.

The main areas of the enterprise’s activity include:

  • development and publication of thematic cartographic works;
  • development of digital maps and GIS;
  • research and development in thematic mapping spheres;
  • establishment and standardization of geographical names;
  • distribution of cartographic products.

Today, creation of large-scale electronic maps and city plans, GIS and databases becomes the enterprise’s most important area of activity.

Thematic mapping by SSPE «Kartographia» is oriented mainly at the development and publication of fundamental and reference cartographic works, political-administrative, general geographic, tourist, and reference atlases and maps of Ukraine, other countries, and the world in general, and also atlases and plans of Ukrainian cities, road atlases and maps for Ukraine and Europe, educational wall maps, geographical and historical atlases, contour and relief maps.

SSPE «Kartographia» is responsible for devising the national cartography development programs, normative legal and normative technical documents regulating cartographic industry, and guidelines on standardization of geographical names; our company is also responsible for creation of the State Register of Geographical Names of Ukraine.

The enterprise has implemented state-of-the-art computer technologies of map binding, and began producing electronic textbooks, interactive maps and atlases.

Among our enterprise’s achievements during all years in business are:

  • comprehensive Atlas of the Ukrainian SSR and Moldavian SSR (1962);
  • general geographical Atlas of the Ukrainian SSR and Moldavian SSR (1983);
  • Atlas of the World’s Snow and Ice Resources (1997);
  • three-volume Atlas of the Ukrainian Language (1984-2001);
  • Ukraine. Industry and Investments atlas (2003);
  • a series of 1:250,000 scale maps of Ukrainian roads (2002-2012);
  • a series of 1:250,000 scale political-administrative maps of Ukraine (2002);
  • 1:500,000 and 1:250,000 scale road atlases (2003-2008);
  • Atlas of the World (2004);
  • Ukraine on Ancient Maps (2004, 2009);
  • General Geographical Atlas of Ukraine and Comprehensive Atlas of Ukraine (2005);
  • Atlas of the World (2005);
  • Political-Administrative Atlas of Ukraine (2006);
  • National Atlas of Ukraine (2007);
  • Teacher’s Atlas (2010);
  • Lviv. Comprehensive Atlas (2012);
  • Atlas of the History of Ukraine (2012).

SSPE «Kartographia» main departments:

  • editorial office of atlases and maps of the world;
  • editorial office of thematic reference atlases and maps of Ukraine;
  • editorial office of historical atlases and maps;
  • information systems and digital mapping department;
  • department for standardization of geographical names;
  • marketing department;
  • sales department;
  • logistics department.

Achievements of our employees were recognized with the state and other awards: orders and medals of the USSR and Ukraine, in particular: 3rd Class Order of Merit, 3rd Class Order of Princess Olga, Order of Badge of Honor, and the honorary title of the Meritorious Economist of Ukraine; State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology; industry-specific award ‘For Excellence in Geodesy and Cartography’; industry-specific badge of the Honorary Geodesist of Ukraine; diplomas of honor of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, State Administration for Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre, and Kyiv City Mayor; gold medals of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR; diplomas of the central committee of the industry’s labor union, and others.

On 7 April 2004 SSPE «Kartographia» was awarded a Diploma of Honor of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for substantial contribution to development of cartographic production and to mark the enterprise’s 60th anniversary.

Quality of our products received wide recognition with numerous awards won at various international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions and trade fairs.

SSPE «Kartographia» works with many cartographic publishers, including AGT GeotsentrGIS, Novgorod AGP, BaltAGP, Associated Cartographic Center (Russia), Belcartography (Belarus), Harper Collins (United Kingdom), Express Map (Poland), and others.

Our products enjoy demand among various educational institutions, organizations and government agencies. Among our customers are: Administration of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Statistics Service of Ukraine, UkrSibbank, Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC, State Committee of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting, Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Ukrainian Language of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast State Administration, Zhytlo-Invest, Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies, Kyivmiskbud, Ukrtelecom, Golden Telecom, Lukoil, Ukrinterenergo, Kyivenergo, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, University of Tourism, Kyiv University of Economics and Trade, etc.

Our company distributes over 2000 names of cartographic products, both own-manufactured and from other cartographic companies, throughout Ukraine via a broad network of partners, including regional dealers and wholesale bookstores, booksellers, newsstands, and private entrepreneurs.

SSPE «Kartographia» is a collective member of numerous national and international scientific and professional public organizations: International Map Trade Association (IMТA), Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ukrainian Geographic Society, Ukrainian Cartographic Association, Ukrainian Geodesic and Cartographic Society, Ukrainian Association of Book Publishers and Booksellers.

Our representatives are United Nations experts on geographical names. They participate in the work of UN expert groups for geographical names in Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Asia and Eastern, Central, and South-Eastern Europe, and the Working Group on Geographical Names of CIS Member-States Council on Geodesy, Cartography, Cadastre and Earth Remote Sensing.

Today, SSPE «Kartographia» is the leading cartographic enterprise in Ukraine, a powerful research and production company employing highly-skilled specialists, producing over 200 names of cartographic products every year, and making substantial contribution to development of Ukrainian and world cartography.